We are open five days a week from 8.30am till 2.00 pm. We offer a large range of hot and cold food at reasonable prices.

Over the counter sales for ice blocks and other snacks are available at first and second breaks every day. Prices range from 20c to $2.00. Only students in years 1-6 are allowed to buy snacks over the counter.

We are now receiving all tuckshop orders through online ordering with Flexischools. We have been up and running with Flexischools since the beginning of 2014 and are hearing great feedback from our parents and teachers about how simple and easy it is to set up an account and start ordering - click onto their link and see for yourself!

Students without lunch

Students who have forgotten their lunch will be offered a piece of fruit which is to be organised with the school office.  Please call the school office on 3264 9222 if your child does not have their lunch.  No phone orders will be accepted by the tuck shop regarding forgotten lunches.

Cancelled or Forgotten Orders

A refund will only be offered in the event that the food has not been prepared.
If the order has been prepared you are welcome to collect it from the tuck shop.
Any non perishable food not collected will be sent to the classroom the next day.
Perishable food will be disposed of at the end of the day.

The tuckshop relies on the support network of volunteers
Please see the tuckshop if you would like to volunteer.  
Even once a term would be a great help - we would love to see you!
Please see Yvette in the Tuckshop or email her at opsconvenor@eatonshillpandc.org